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Who we Are and What We do

Real Estate Advisory:

We view our clients as an important part of our journey and the raison d'etre of our existence. We owe them efficient services, guidance and unwavering responsibility. We dream alongside our clients, and lead them down the road to real estate fulfillment in order to assist them in realizing their real estate aspirations. In real estate, meeting the client's goals depends on the suitability of their real estate desires and the advisory role of the real estate managers.

We are aware that real estate investors include individuals or families in search of a property to make a home, or business people whose aim is to maximize short-, mid-, and long-term ROI. At UrbanNexus, we deploy a mix of market driven conditions, street knowledge and professional experience to advance our client tailored advice. To enrich our advisory roles, we deploy data to assist clients in making the best decisions.

Property Management:

Tenant recruitment, Rent collection and Accounting of same, strict implementation of landlord and tenant responsibilities, Lease/Tenancy covenants, supervision of projects, rent or lease renewals, Routine inspection and others form the core of our property management activities
At UrbanNexus, we have a team of individuals; experienced and vibrant, with requisite skills, professionally groomed and equipped to manage a wide range of property types, which includes residential buildings, residential estates, commercial buildings, industrial properties and lands.
Our dedication is unparalleled, and hinged on total maintenance of properties under our care and a deliberate improvement of the same, while keeping property owners roundly informed.

Feasibility and Viability Appraisal:

We are a research driven real estate Company whose services also include appraisal of research outcomes, and conveying the same to our clients so as to concert at the best possible option.
In other words, we advise a potential client on the workability and profitability of a proposed project. We are charged with the responsibility of advising prospective developers on the feasibility and viability of their conceptualized development.
To enable us to satisfy our complex and vast-taste clients with data-backed and well informed advice, we embark on cost evaluation, comparison of profit yield and cash flow forecast. The aim is to detect the Return on Investment, the value and other necessary information as may be deemed important by our team of professionals. It is also aimed at hinting on existing alternatives if need be.
These data-backed studies cover all real estate areas and sections including residential, commercial and industrial estates.

Estate Agency:

Purchasing or selling a property is a herculean task that comes with varying risks of which may lead to endless litigation. UrbanNexus helps mitigate these risks by providing clients with its knowledgeable professionals who aim at optimizing the gains inherent in less-risk-no-risk purchase and sale of properties.


Our mission is to create a positive and result oriented work environment aimed at building good client relationships to understand our clients' needs and leverage on our vast knowledge and Real Estate experience to consistently deliver exceptional and satisfying results that meet clients objectives


To be a top real estate company; providing unrivalled and comprehensive real estate solutions

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